Herrmann & Vogel considers it important to trade only in goods that meet quality and sustainability requirements. These requirements are specified in certifications, whether mandatory or voluntary.

PEFC Certification

We have been meeting the criteria of PEFC certification for a long time, which means that we do not work with wood that comes from controversial sources. The PEFC is very similar to FSC certification (in Middle Europe the PEFC is more common).

Thanks to PEFC certification, we can be sure that we are doing our utmost to be part of a sustainable economy and to avoid wood from controversial sources that, for example, use genetically modified organisms, transform forests into other vegetation types (including natural forests into forest plantations) or do not meet the requirements of local, national or international legislation. This non-compliance may relate to illegal logging, mismanagement in areas with special natural and social values or in places where protected and endangered species live. PEFC also focuses on the health and working conditions applicable to forestry workers or the ownership and user rights of indigenous peoples.

South African National Standards (SANS)

We are proud our spruce is since 2016 certified according to South African National Standards and we are the first company who intruduced locally certified spruce to South African Market. All finger-jointed and laminated beams imported to South Africa are certified. The Routh Sawn Spruce is delivered also without certification (but in the same quality as certified one). 


PEFC Certification
SANS certificat valid until 2025
Comparison of Spruce and SA Pine