H&V today

The Herrmann & Vogel company is engaged in the wholesale sale of wood products intended mainly for the construction industry and packaging materials, and marginally also in other sectors such as interiors and furniture production. These timber products come mainly from Central European forests, other areas are rather the exception.

In the past and today, the company adapts the range of products sold as well as the business strategy to the needs and requirements of the market, from 100% export orientation in the 1990s, through almost zero exports at the beginning of the new millennium and subsequent fluctuating imports in Russia or Malaysia, up to the current combination of exports and imports with specialization in Central European woody plants.

Herrmann & Vogel is a small family business whose added value is primarily the high expertise and lifelong experience of all employees and sales representatives and secondly the strong capital base, which allows the company to offer its customers more friendly financing options than they would receive purchase.